Top 10 Languages for Website Translation: Grow Your Online Business Faster!

Thinking about launching a website to draw more international audiences? If your answer is yes, do consider picking the 10 languages for website translation to ensure global success.

With plenty of languages spoken across the, it’s tough to know where to begin.

Fortunately, there are a couple of languages that are mostly spoken by a large population of the globe.

Thus, there is a great need of website translation into such languages that can help you enter the new markets much faster.

So, to save your research time, we’ve come up with a list of top languages that you must consider.

Let’s learn more about them.

10 Languages for Website Translation

Not only English but there are many more languages that need your attention. Have a look at the list of 10 languages that are meant for website translation:

1- English

Still predominant in almost every field, English is the most globally spoken language in the world. It’s not shocking to see this lingo in the top 10 for consistent website translation.

Besides 67 English-speaking nations, around 27 countries use English as their business language officially.

With around 1,186,451,052 internet users consuming online content entirely in English, this language shows 25.9% of the world’s share in the ranking.

2- Chinese

After English, Chinese holds a large amount of user base in the world. There are approx. 1.2 billion native speakers.

Some researchers found that Mandarin Chinese is the world’s fastest emerging language.

More than 19.8% of internet users write and speak in this language – both the traditional as well as simplified versions.

3- Spanish

You might think that Spanish is spoken mainly in Latin America and a few parts of North America such as Mexico. However, Spanish usage is increasing around the world.

Today, 592 million people utilize Spanish as the main language in their personal as well as professional lives.

There are 7.9% of all internet users are native Spanish speakers, and around 4.6% look only for Spanish content.

Tip: Before jumping into the translation of your website into Spanish, ensure that you know how many Spanish dialects are there to target maximum people.

4- Arabic

Just a few years back, Arabic had a low representation on the internet.

With the passing of time, Arabic has now become the most crucial language for website translation.

Over 5.2% of all internet users utilize Arabic as the main language.

If you get your website translated into Arabic and even localized for only Arabic-speaking countries, you can capture not only the Middle East but also a big part of the African market.

5- Hindi

As among the largest and most popular countries in the world, many global brands find the Indian market quite profitable.

With around 322 million native speakers, Hindi is the unofficial main language for communication in several states.

This language also has official status in Fiji and Caribbean Hindustani. Well, it’s beneficial if you think of low cost Hindi website translation to attract Hindi speakers.

6- German

Finally, we found German on the list.

The 10th most commonly spoken language in the world, around 5.6% of internet content online is available in German.

Six countries utilize German as their main language. Properly localizing for Germany can be highly lucrative because it’s the biggest eCommerce market in Europe.

7- Portuguese

The Latin American region is an important contributor to the global economy, and the Portuguese have turned quite crucial for today’s globalization strategies.

Portuguese is a common language in several countries across the world including Angola, Brazil, and Mozambique.

With around 4.1% of active internet users, Portuguese comprises 3% of the content rate online.

8- Russian

Around 6.4% of content on the internet is in the Russian language and around 260 million speakers are actively accessing Russian content online.

This language is among the world’s largest economies. So, hire an expert native translator to accurately translate website into Russian language.

9- Malay

Malaysia and Indonesia are witnessing huge mobile device and internet usage than ever.

This corresponds with a boost in the number of people looking for consuming content in the Malay language.

More than 290 million people commonly speak Bahasa/Malay, while 2.9% of internet users browse only in this language.

10- French

Last but not the least, French is the most popular language around the globe. With around 321 million speakers worldwide, 29 countries utilize French as their official language.

France is the 2nd largest eCommerce market in entire Europe. To enter this market, you’ll strongly need your website content rightly translating into French.

Final Words

Boosting brand awareness through website translation is a good idea. Also, this allows your brand rapidly reach your targets more effectively. However several companies make the common mistake of translating their websites only into the English language due to which they miss the expansion opportunities.

If you don’t want to face that risk, hire a competitive translation agency in Jaipur to get high-quality website translation that brings better engagement from local audiences.

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