What Do You Mean By Transcription? [Its Definition and Scope]

Transcription is the much-needed process of converting speech of either audio or video file, to text. It is used for many purposes and many businesses are using it for transcribing interviews or group sessions. There are several standard types of transcription and it is highly useful solutions to fulfill different scenarios.

Transcription is useful for so many reasons and provides great accessibility.

So, imagine you have uploaded a video to YouTube, to make it grow among various audiences, it is best to get professional transcription solutions.

Transcription can help a lot even if you’re dealing with other languages.

You need to get reliable transcription solutions to deliver accurate solutions.

So, with this, you will not find it hard to understand your video unless you provide an accurate transcription.

Let’s read more about transcription solutions.

About Transcription

Businesses use transcription solutions for a range of reasons and things need to be transcribed well to ensure the best results.

Let’s know more about the types of transcription:

1- Verbatim Transcription

This means transcribing absolutely everything that is captured in the transcript.

So, if you want word-for-word dialogue transcription, there is a need to get Verbalism transcriptions.

This also includes repetitions, mistakes in vocabulary, and hesitations, such as ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’.

Although, to get such transcription you need to evaluate which transcription solution do you need that will help you to analyze everything including behavior or reactions.

2- Intelligent Transcription

Intelligent transcription is all about transcribing the information that is being said.

Such as if there is a dialogue, then transcribers will work on transcribing what is being said.

So, unlike verbatim transcription, all the repetitions and hesitations including behaviors and other reactions are not added.

Intelligent transcription is the common type of transcription used and must be in highly accurate form.

It is used widely across industry sectors, especially in business interviews and meetings.

3- Edited Transcription

Edited transcription is a more précised form of transcription where the transcriber fully thinks all about delivering the right information.

So, if you are working on a business discussion video for an Arabic audience, then you can go for the proficient Arabic transcription to ensure any meaningless information is removed.

In this transcription, the transcriber goes one step further and ensures everything is properly followed to deliver the correct information.

This makes this transcription more valuable.

Scope Of Transcription

Whenever there is technology involved, it continues to provide great results everywhere.

Transcription is no exception and it is a great demand today.

It is highly beneficial even when you want to connect with a different language-speaking audience.

Let’s look at the reasons that will make the transcription serve best in the future too.

1- Serve Hearing-Impaired People.

When you go for the best yet elite cheap transcription for your multimedia content, you are helping people with impaired hearing to know about your content.

So, transcription has a good scope whenever a business wants to make solutions for people having hearing problems.

2- Expand Your Audience Globally

If any business wants to make its content serve globally, there is a need of transcribing the solutions into the required language.

Using a single language comes with several drawbacks of limiting your audience.

So, by using the best transcription solutions you are expanding your audience.

3- Exchange Of Ideas

Language barriers come as a huge obstacle when sharing ideas.

So, if a business wants to take a customer interview for some analysis, you can take the help of genuine interview transcription for better understanding.

A good transcription will give you more interesting ideas from a new audience and help you to grow more.

4- Make Better Decisions

When your business is conducting a meeting with another language-speaking client, transcription can help you a lot to have clear communication.

This allows you to get the best solutions that will streamline your efforts for conducting the meetings.

5- Develop Better SEO strategies

If you want to make your video content rank high rankings in search engines, you need to transcribe it in text form for the best results.

By choosing the major languages in demand for transcription, you’ll see your content serving best to a wide range of audiences by improving the visibility of your site.


Transcription isn’t a thing that will not be able to serve the best in the future.

It’ll be a part of the future whenever the business aims to grow in a new market.

By choosing the right transcription, you’ll be able to commentate with clients/audiences and able to serve the market well.

Make your business gain more benefits with transcription solutions.

To get with professional transcribers, reach out to us at +91-8527599223 or send an instant quote.

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