What is a Bad Transcription And What Makes a Bad Transcription?

Every day, we see huge sums of information being transcribed by transcribers. Often, when the work comes with fewer deadlines or at a cheap cost, transcribers may fail to maintain accuracy and consistency. Poor transcription includes a lot of mistakes that cannot be avoided.

Several tragic transcription mistakes have occurred when you choose unprofessional solutions.

When you choose cheap solutions, they have low-quality recording equipment or don’t have professionals that are experts in transcribing.

To make a huge and recognizable impact, there is a need to take care of all precautions and test everything before release.

Look for reliable transcription solutions that provide you trusted results with great accuracy.

Let’s see how bad transcription can have a bad effect on your solutions.

What Makes a Bad Transcription?

When you want to transcribe solutions, you will want them to be of the highest quality. However, that doesn’t always happen.

Let’s see what makes a poor transcription:

1- Use Of Low-Quality Equipment

These days transcription is highly provided to the academic, legal, and medical niche.

All industries need highly accurate transcription and there is a need for the proper use of terminologies.

If you don’t go for the proficient language transcription, then you’ll be easily confused or nearly impossible to discern what comes out in the solutions.

Poor transcription solutions don’t use the best tools and thus the transcription is sometimes unclear and may also look unprofessional.

2- Poor Usage Of Tenses

In transcribing, there is a great need of using correct tense because the tenses tell the reader when a certain event or already occurred.

In poor transcription, you may see a great number of mistakes related to the tenses used.

The wrong use of tenses can change the entire meaning of a given sentence.

When it is to the English language, these things need to be taken care of highly properly.

3- Forgetting To Do A Soundcheck

Whenever there is an urgent need for transcription, a sound check is always required.

This mistake often happens in poor transcription solutions and this also becomes the reason for delays in the delivery of an audio or video file.

When transcription is required, making final editing without checking the sound levels can make things look really bad.

So, to ensure good transcription there is a need to get an experienced transcription.

4- Not Providing Supporting Documentation

Poor transcription solutions often fail to provide transcription to complex materials.

They may not take time to a resource on the project and thus there will be certain words, phrases, or acronyms in the transcription that may be unfamiliar.

You must get with the one that provides genuine focus group transcription solutions as it is best not to go for cheap solutions.

5- Setting Unrealistic Deadlines

When you are dealing with unprofessional, the major thing you may face is getting solutions on deadlines.

When the agency doesn’t follow the proper time management approach, there is delay in providing solutions.

Also, at the end, they may present you with a poor-quality file that has poor transcription.

When you are choosing transcription solutions, it is important to look for the caliber of the agency to provide you best solutions with fast turnaround times.

6- Not Following Clear Instructions

Transcription is not only limited to one type.

There are different types of transcription and each transcription needs to be carried out with proper instructions by major video transcription solutions.

If the agency you are dealing with doesn’t have an expert, then no instructions will be followed thus resulting in poor transcription.

To deliver solutions effectively, a clear sense of how the transcription will be used must be followed.

7- Doesn’t Employ Expert For Particular Niche

It may be difficult for the general transcriber to decode academic terminology if he has not familiar with the terms.

With this, you’ll see confusion this provides context or punctuation that may you end up leaving room for several mistakes.

Also, they often forget to double-check terms which leads to poor transcription.

You need to work with the professionals so that you don’t check are your transcriptions scaring with inadequate information.


By reading the above-mentioned points, you must have gained an idea about what poor transcription results into.

If you want to get accurate and error-free transcription, you need to get with the professionals.

Professional transcription agency has experts that have skills in delivering the required solutions.

To work with an expert, reach out to us at +91-8527599223 or send an instant quote.

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