Challenges in Vietnamese Translation: What Makes Vietnamese Language More Difficult?

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Focusing and growing into a big consumer market always turns out to be beneficial for several businesses. Vietnamese market is one of them but the Vietnamese language has various dialects, accents, and tones. This brings up the challenges whenever getting Vietnamese translation done.

The Vietnamese language has more than 85 million speakers and is one of the most spoken languages in Asia.

There are 6 different tones and in each tone, there can be a change in the meaning of the word.

This is due to the French colonization period that changed everything.

There are various accents between the regions and true Vietnamese translation solutions have better knowledge about it.

They have native language translators who have great experience in the Vietnamese language.

This makes it easy for them to work with the dialects and deliver highly-accurate Vietnamese translations.  

Let’s see and know more about difficulties in Vietnamese language translation.

What Makes Vietnamese Language More Difficult?

Vietnamese is considered a difficult language, especially for those who are English speakers.

Even during the translation, the translator finds it a bit challenging however expert translators can do it in a better way.

There are several other things that different language translators find challenging during Vietnamese translation and some of them are:

1- Absence Of Genders

In the English language, we have seen genders of words but Vietnamese has no concept of “masculine” or “feminine” words.

So, translators have to learn the word as it is, without any need for extra memorization based on gender.

This sometimes makes it difficult to translate while considering the aspect.

2- Different Tones

The one thing that makes the Vietnamese language difficult is the tones.

Vietnamese is a tonal language and you must know it if earlier have you ever used translation in this.

Each Vietnamese syllable is pronounced as one of six tones and it is generally centered on the main vowel or group of vowels.

In general, the Vietnamese language tones differ in duration, pitch melody, pitch height, and phonation.

You can identify the tone indicated by diacritics written above or below the vowel.

Through various tones, it is really difficult for the translator to pick up the right tone correctly as accurately distinguishing between them is not easy.

3- Complicated Set Of Pronouns

The reason why there are many benefits of translation from professionals is to make the translation relevant as per grammar aspect.

This makes the Vietnamese translation challenging due to its complicated pronoun system.

Vietnamese pronouns are more able and can reveal a lot more information than English pronouns.

So, with the usage of pronouns in the Vietnamese language, it is easy to describe the social relationship, age differences, the attitude of the speaker toward the other person, and gender too.

4- Keeping Up With the Culture

In language translation, there is not just a change in the alphabet, grammar rules, or vocabulary.

Language covers the aspect of history, culture, and tradition.

So, for every document translation solution while translating into the Vietnamese language, there is a need to have detailed history and culture reflected in the language.

The phrases, idioms, words, slang, and dialects are also influenced by the culture.

To carry out the best translation, there is a need to have a cultural immersion to comprehend the language’s history and evolution.

5- Still A Less Known language

Vietnam is a homogenous country in terms of language and culture.

Everything in Vietnam is written in Vietnamese, and everyone speaks it.

Although only a few translation company provides translation into the Vietnamese language due to not great availability of translators.

Outside Vietnam, the Vietnamese language is less familiar.

So, only a professional translation company with native Vietnamese speakers can promise to deliver highly-accurate translations as per your requirements.

6- Usage Of Idioms and Expressions

In any language, idiomatic expressions explain everything.

However, there is a need to understand, the meaning of these phrases as it cannot be predicted by the definitions of the words it contains literally.

The exact reasons why is translation important from experts is to get high-quality translations.

Idioms are the most difficult items to translate and professionals who have deep knowledge about the language can understand it in a better way.


Vietnamese language is a less explored language and it might not be the easiest foreign language to translate.

However, with the availability of professional translators, it becomes easy to attain accurate translation.

For this, when you consider is translation affordable don’t forget to evaluate whether the solutions are professional or not.

Ultimately, professional translators have the perseverance and skills to carry out the best translation. If you are in search of valuable Vietnamese translation, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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