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What is the Purpose of Subtitling? [Did You Know?]

Don’t you prefer watching movies or web series with subtitles? Nowadays, video content is becoming demanding. With the emergency of global streaming platforms, the subtitling industry is observing huge demand. So, what is the purpose of subtitling? As per a data, in 2021, around 80% of online traffic will be generated from visual content which […]
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What is The Role of Spanish Subtitling? [6 Essential Reasons]

Including Spanish subtitles in a video remains one of the most efficient methods to reach the Spanish-speaking regions. This option is widely used by many organizations and companies. This kind of solution needs linguistic as well as technical knowledge that is not available to just any professional translator. If you need results worthy of the […]
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Benefits of Working with a Professional Subtitling Company

If you consider having an in-house team for subtitling, then you may end up managing financial challenges linked with employee benefits, salaries, insurance, training, and much more. On the other hand, partnering with a subtitling company needs you just to pay an affordable amount for a broad spectrum of solutions. This choice not only assists […]
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Subtitling and Its Importance [Top 5 Facts]

As per a report, 85% of videos are watched without any sound. This is mostly a choice for the majority of users. But for others, this is a necessity to consume the content. So, don’t you think subtitling and its importance need to be taken seriously for a better engagement of videos? When adapting business […]
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